Photo Assignment


This picture is taken on a cell phone tower on top of a mountain that is right by my house. I choose this photo as my favorite place back home because it has so many great memories. In order to reach the tower you have to hike up the mountain and it takes about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes, and the walk is so beautiful especially in the fall when all the leaves are changing. One of my favorite things to do, even as a kid, was to go play in the woods, which is one of the reasons i love this place so much. I think one of the best parts of this place is that you hike up this mountain and you get tired, but you are rewarded by suck an amazing view. On some of the clearest days you can even see New York City, so that is why I love this place so much.

The first time I found this spot a friend and I took on the challenge to climb to the very top of the cell phone tower. The view was incredible, and we spent about an hour just sitting up there and talking. Being able to feel as though you are on top of the word, and to feel like you don’t have to worry about anything is what continued to draw me back to this place.


The above picture is of the deg lawn. This is my favorite new place here at Susquehanna, because I think it is a very beautiful landscape with all the different trees. I choose this place because it reminds me of the place back home, granted this is not on top of a mountain but the trees and landscape remind me of the view from the cell phone tower. I think part of the reason I chose to come here to Susquehanna was because of the landscape and how pretty it was.

I walk past this location every single day and it brings me back to my spot back home and thats why I enjoy it so much. However, I hope to eventually make time to go hiking and I hear there is a overlook not to far from here that has an amazing view of the town, just like my spot back home. I hope some time soon I can find this place and make it my permeant new favorite place here at Susquehanna University.