Ben Hunter: My Favorite Places



My favorite place back home honestly has to be the soccer fields at Eleanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, VA, just north of my home in Centreville. As you can see, it’s a grass field, and for those who aren’t familiar with playing soccer, it was a bad field. I honestly hated the darn thing because when you play soccer on a run-down, ancient, patchy, semi-dirt field, the ball essentially goes everywhere except where you want it to. But the reason I miss this place most is because I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours playing with my friends there, and I have to say there’s a part of me I left behind in all those dirt and rocks.

There are currently three other fields at ECL, two of which are turf. Before I left, they had recently refurbished the one turf field beside the one shown above, and upgraded another. While I was initially upset that they didn’t make our field turf as well, I’m glad it’s still the same garbage field it’s always been. No matter how hard it is to play soccer there, I will always look back on it as the one of the few places I can call my own. I sweat in the blazing heat there, and shivered in the blistering cold. I practiced there, I played there, I ran there, I basically lived there. I would spend my weekends at ECL with my friends and brother all the time. It’s strange how something I used to despise is now the one place I truly miss.

Sass Field

As for my new favorite place here at Susquehanna, I’d have to say that’s the Sass. soccer field. I showed up here wanting to continue playing soccer, and hopefully find a bunch of other guys as into the game as my ones back home are. I started an intermural team with one friend that I met here, and after a few games and teammate conflicts, I ended up as the captain. I remember showing up the first night and thinking what a mistake s all was for deciding to play, but that was hardly the case by week two.

I met a handful of juniors that ended up joining our team, and now we’ve all agreed to stay together for indoors and even for the spring season. While I don’t play for the school, this is the next best thing. I honestly don’t have the time to practice every day and keep up with my school work. What I love is what brought me to ECL before I came here; I just love coming out for a pick-up game and having fun with my friends. Sure I’m competitive and a die-hard in the heat of a game, but all that really matters is getting together and chilling with a ball at your feet and your buds right beside you. The Sass. field isn’t that rugged flat at ECL. It’s a very nice turf field. And while it might not be what I grew up on, ‘d take it any day of the week compared to having nothing at all.

PS: Don’t get me wrong, turf fields are still so much nicer than grass. Hands down.