My Favorite Place


My favorite place from home is about 10 minutes from my house. This is the Barkhamsted reservoir. On one side of the road, there’s a stone wall and a small stone tower that overlooks the water. On the other side, there is a smaller stone fall and below, there is a large fountain. There’s also an old, stone map of Connecticut. I usually went here for many reasons. My sisters and I would love to go together and to go on walks or hikes on the trails nearby. I¬†would also go there alone to listen to music, do homework, sketch, or just walk about.

This place became a nice get-away or easy go-to spot between my siblings and my friends where we could walk around. In the fall, the leaves all change colors and the trails nearby are easy to walk through. Since it wasn’t an inconvenience to go to is was just a nice getaway. I’ve been going here since we first moved to Connecticut, and now it’s just an easy place to get to and let time pass.

Susquehanna River

Similarly, my favorite place at Susquehanna is also by a body of water. The Susquehanna river isn’t on campus, but it is still within walking distance and very easy to go to and just spend time there. On the nicer days, it is easy to go here with friends and spend time together. It’s a nice getaway from the campus and afterwards, you can easily walk around the town of Selinsgrove and explore the places in town. It’s peaceful just to sit down and watch the water move instead of stressing about schoolwork. It also reminds me of my favorite place back home, and brings back good memories that were made there as well as good memories that are being formed while going to school here. I love how it is still a short distance from where I live and has the same calming effect as my place back home.