My favorite places Part 1


This is a photo of my living room back in Lewisburg. It is my favorite place back at home. I have had many fun times in there and enjoyed spending time with friends and family. When my mom remarried we moved into this house. At first it was very strange but I grew used to the situation and became confrontable with it, all thanks to this room. In this room I was able to bond my step siblings and new family members. This room has also be used for all of my birthdays and other family gatherings. I also always was able to use this room to kick back after a stressful day and play some Xbox or watch a movie.

This room has definitely helped me become the person I am today. Within this room I have bonded with many different people and discussed many things. I’m someone who likes to learn about others backstories and I can do so in that room. I think that is why this room is my favorite place back in Lewisburg.



My favorite place at Susquehanna is the international house. I have made many friends and good memories there. When I first came to Susquehanna I didn’t have any friends, but when I meet Noaki (exchange student from japan who lives in the house) he invited me to come back to his house and hang out. When I arrived there I was immersed with a mixture people of different cultures. Now those people are some of my closest friends.

Nowadays, I usually go to the house every night and enjoy spending my time helping cook Chinese or Japanese food, watch movies, or playing videogames. This house has definitely had a major impact on my life. It’s really cool to think how people from all over the world have all bonded in this house and become great friends.