Old and New Spaces

My f20151122_212705avorite place at home is actually not at my own house. The place I feel most at home is at Monica’s house. Monica is a long-time family friend of my parents and in the picture, Monica is sleeping and I am finishing up my homework in her California king-size bed. Aside from Monica, her daughter Lily, Bear the cat, as well as Rosie and Teddy the dogs also live in this house. Monica has been my “second mother” as long as I can remember and Lily, my “second sister”. They can always cheer me up and have been a strong support system in my life. When we are together we always find something to do. Some days we just watch movies and paint each others nails. Other times we go on walks with the dogs and take tons of selfies along the way. No matter what we do, I always enjoy the time we spend together because I love them and I know my life wouldn’t be the same without them.


Out of their three animals, Bear the cat is my favorite, although he wasn’t always. In the past, I was scared of letting him lick me because his tongue has backward-barbed hairs (as most cats have) and the feeling of his tongue used to really freak me out. However, over the years I have grown attached to him and he is now my favorite snuggle-buddy whenever I sleepover at their house. He also has learned not to lick me, but even when he does, I just take it as a sign of affection. He is almost thirteen years old now and I’ve known him since he was three. I know he is getting old and I will absolutely miss him when he’s gone, but I am just grateful to have him in my life.

My favorite place at Susquehanna is definitely on the bottom floor of the library. The room is very open and I can sit anywhere I want because hardly anyone studies down there. Since the bottom of the library is so desolate, it is always very quiet and perfect for studying. Another thing about this place that I love is that there is no cell service. Therefore, my phone cannot become a distraction while I am there.

One day, within my first few weeks at Susquehanna, I went to this spot in the library to work on a paper for my Medieval European history class. When I arrived, it was around noon and up until this point, I had been procrastinating, but once I settled into a seat and began researching; I became engulfed in the assignment. I finished more than half of the paper and what I had written was wonderful. After this experience I knew that this was my favorite place and that I would study here whenever possible since it is where I complete my best work. This is mostly because of the quiet atmosphere. I have trouble focusing due to attention deficit disorder (ADD) and finding this spot in the library has worked wonders for me and my ability to focus.