Historic Photo Assignment

Group Photo Assignment: by Amber, Hannah, and Noa


Above is a picture of the historic First Lutheran church. It is on the Northwest corner of Market Street and Blough Street.

This is what the church looks like now:Selinsgrove031

These are the pictures we took in front of the church on our adventure:


2015111595141924 2015111595141952

We chose to take a trip to the church because Hannah lives in Selinsgrove, and she said that the church was easy to get to. We also thought that the historic picture of the church looked pretty cool, and seemed to be the most interesting out of the three pictures.

We had a pretty easy time finding the photo’s location, since Hannah does live in the area and was able to lead us there immediately. The only challenging aspect we came across was finding a good time that all three of us could meet up.

The Sharon Lutheran Church (originally called the First Lutheran Church) was built in the 1800s. The original building remained untouched until 1977, when “the Nave (which is the central approach to the high altar) on the original site was demolished. The new Nave was enlarged and the pulpit shifted to the north side.”  Since then, renovations have continued over time “to enhance its social and work spaces while also making it accessible to the handicapped.” This year, it is celebrating its 225th anniversary.
(All information gathered from http://sharonlc.org/who-we-are/history)

Obviously, a lot has changed in both the church and the society since the 1800s. However, the biggest change to this church has absolutely affected the community, the proof in the above paragraph. Because the church is now handicapped accessible, the doors are now opened for a whole new group of people to worship. This creates a greater sense of community and helps show just how much a simple change can help a whole society.