Part 1

Noa Albilia

part 1- living room

My favorite place at home would have to be in my living room. I like it because when I lived at home it would be the place I spent the most time whether it was doing my homework, watching TV, or spending time with my family. We have a very comfy couch there, too. I also like it because when i lived at home, I would fall asleep every night on the couch in that living room while watching TV with my mom. She loves watching the “Housewives of New Jersey” TV show so we would fall asleep doing that. Sometimes my dad would stay for a little and make us food, too. This living room is where most of our family connections start and where most of conversations happen, so that is why it is my favorite place.

part 1- gym

My favorite place at school is the gym. I like it there because it is somewhere that I can just relax and hangout with my friends. I always have a workout buddy and it helps us bond. I think that physical strength and a healthy lifestyle is very important. It helps me take care of myself. It is also the place where I can listen to music and just think about my life. I really do enjoy going. It has impacted my life because it is one of the many reasons I came to Susquehanna.