My favorite place





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My favorite place at home is my boyfriend, Michael’s, house. I feel that this may be weird in some ways but I have some interesting reasons why i love his house. For a long time my favorite place was my room. It’s where I hid from everyone and everything. I was a sad child/teenager for a while to the point where’d I rather stay home alone and even avoid my family. Then about three years ago I started to break out of my room because I was becoming happy again and it was because someone was helping me with my sadness and it was Michael. However I still didn’t really like being at home. At my house the air is kind of light but also heavy at the same time. I can’t really relax at home. But at Michael’s house I can actually breathe. His mom is hilarious and we always talk about our adventures while sipping on tea. I always bother his little brother Eric because he’s actually really funny and we have a lot in common. Eric is like a brother to me and I like talking and hanging out with him. Michael’s older brother, Daniel, is really into music and i sing so we get along well. Then finally Michael he makes me very happy and we just can talk for hours or play videos games together like animal crossing on our Ds’ or league of legends on our computers. Sometimes Michael, Eric, Daniel, their mom, and I will play Just Dance together in the living room. So yeah Michael’s house is my favorite place at home. It’s where I get to spend time with Michael, his family and a place where I can be happy.


My favorite place at SU is my dorm room. The air in my dorm is fun and light and the christmas lights really set a mellow tone. My roommate and I get along so well it’s scary. We’re just about laughing the whole time. Also it’s fun when we leave our door open because we get asked for help with laundry a lot time since we live across the laundry room. Good thing my roommate and I learned how to do laundry when we were kids. Then we have people who visit us in general and that’s even more fun. overall my dorm is pretty relaxing and I like having a place where I can just cool down and then happily go to sleep.

Historical Photos



We started this project like every group we met up, exchanged numbers and then went to our the destination. However I think the one thing we did differently is actually finding the right place. As you may notice we have two pictures and the explanation on why that is rather simple. We got lost. At first we were gonna go to the building on chestnut street because it was the closest and we ended up near people’s homes. We then decided to try somewhere else and yet again we were not sure we found the right place but as a group we decided this looks like the building. Then we saw another building on Chestnut St. that looked like it could’ve been the place we were originally looking for. Therefore we took another picture just in case. We then walked back to SU and went our separate ways

The first picture of the brick building looked old and abandoned and I’m sure it didn’t always looked liked that. At one point in this building’s life it was full of people but now it empty with broken windows and ivy growing everywhere. However the building looks like it could easily be restored. The second picture was taken in front of what looked like a fairly modern building. Probably redone because of it’s location. Which is probably why the brick building from the first photo was never restored its location wasn’t in a place and didn’t required it to be used or even be kept clean. However we’ll never truly know why these two buildings are treated so differently. We are after all just college students.