My Favorite Places (Part 1)


This is a picture of room 216 in my high school, the “Theatre Arts” room (aka ‘Tharts’). [pc: me]

This is a picture of the interior of the Kind Cafe, in downtown Selinsgrove. [pc: me]

While I have favorite places in both places where I live (my parents house and SU’s campus, specifically), I have always found my favorite spaces outside of them, though very nearby. My first favorite space from my home, is Tharts—room 216 in my high school, Bergen County Academies. The classroom, which was a slightly asymmetrical theatre performance space, was half wooden floor, half carpet, with mirrored walls on both east and west sides, and a closet full of props, costumes, and set pieces. I loved this room, so much. Every year of school, I had a class in this room, starting with Acting I my freshman year, and ending with Directing my senior year. However, Tharts was more than just a class space to me (and to my fellow theatre majors); it was essentially our home. We’d spend countless hours in Tharts, doing homework, chatting, getting lunch, staying after school for rehearsals, etc. During our induction into the theatre academy in May of 8th grade, we had a ceremony in this very room that started us all off for our 4 years, and our Senior Recognition Night (a cute little graduation type ceremony with a roast & heartfelt speeches) was here too, capping off our high school experience. I had so many wonderful memories in Tharts, and won’t forget its uncomfortable carpet, vaguely sock-y smell, and all of the friends I made there.

My favorite place in Selinsgrove, alternatively, is the Kind Cafe in the downtown. I adore all of it: the decor, the coffee, the books, the piano, the food… The interior reminds me of a small coffeeshop in Maine I used to go to often, but the Kind also has delicious sandwiches (that I can eat!). My first week on campus, after I came back from the hospital, I decided to take a tour of Selinsgrove’s downtown area, and I stumbled upon the Kind. I immediately fell in love. I’ve been going back as much as I can since, if only to sit for an hour or two and read with a warm cup of tea. One of my favorite memories here though was making a new friend—I went to the Market Street Festival with an acquaintance of mine who lives in my dorm, and we stumbled into the Kind Cafe looking for an actual lunch. We sat down, ordered, and proceeded to tinker around on the piano until our food came. For the next 3 hours, we talked, played multiple games of chess, and became really good friends, all over tea and sandwiches! The Kind Cafe is incredibly sweet, with wonderful staff, and a great vibe, and delicious food. I’m so glad that I was able to find this spot so quickly into my first semester!