My SU Spot

My SU spot is the football field. The reason why i said that because I spend most of my time out there. I can go out there any time I want and relax. I don’t have to be playing football when I step on that field I can see the past and the future. It sounds crazy but I can and everything is gone I just can go out there and think when my plate gets full. That’s why the football field is my favorite spot.The

The Chill Spot


The first place is called “The Hill,” its a hill you can see downtown Dallas from. I choose this spot because this was the stop where I got away from my problems. I would go at night and sit there look at the buildings. This spot was good for anything to be honest like dates, hang out spot or when you need some alone time. People go there all the time but everybody respects people space; Its like invisible rules when you go out there and nobody breaks them. This is my favorite spot back home.