Old and New Spaces

My f20151122_212705avorite place at home is actually not at my own house. The place I feel most at home is at Monica’s house. Monica is a long-time family friend of my parents and in the picture, Monica is sleeping and I am finishing up my homework in her California king-size bed. Aside from Monica, her daughter Lily, Bear the cat, as well as Rosie and Teddy the dogs also live in this house. Monica has been my “second mother” as long as I can remember and Lily, my “second sister”. They can always cheer me up and have been a strong support system in my life. When we are together we always find something to do. Some days we just watch movies and paint each others nails. Other times we go on walks with the dogs and take tons of selfies along the way. No matter what we do, I always enjoy the time we spend together because I love them and I know my life wouldn’t be the same without them.


Out of their three animals, Bear the cat is my favorite, although he wasn’t always. In the past, I was scared of letting him lick me because his tongue has backward-barbed hairs (as most cats have) and the feeling of his tongue used to really freak me out. However, over the years I have grown attached to him and he is now my favorite snuggle-buddy whenever I sleepover at their house. He also has learned not to lick me, but even when he does, I just take it as a sign of affection. He is almost thirteen years old now and I’ve known him since he was three. I know he is getting old and I will absolutely miss him when he’s gone, but I am just grateful to have him in my life.

My favorite place at Susquehanna is definitely on the bottom floor of the library. The room is very open and I can sit anywhere I want because hardly anyone studies down there. Since the bottom of the library is so desolate, it is always very quiet and perfect for studying. Another thing about this place that I love is that there is no cell service. Therefore, my phone cannot become a distraction while I am there.

One day, within my first few weeks at Susquehanna, I went to this spot in the library to work on a paper for my Medieval European history class. When I arrived, it was around noon and up until this point, I had been procrastinating, but once I settled into a seat and began researching; I became engulfed in the assignment. I finished more than half of the paper and what I had written was wonderful. After this experience I knew that this was my favorite place and that I would study here whenever possible since it is where I complete my best work. This is mostly because of the quiet atmosphere. I have trouble focusing due to attention deficit disorder (ADD) and finding this spot in the library has worked wonders for me and my ability to focus.

My SU Spot

My SU spot is the football field. The reason why i said that because I spend most of my time out there. I can go out there any time I want and relax. I don’t have to be playing football when I step on that field I can see the past and the future. It sounds crazy but I can and everything is gone I just can go out there and think when my plate gets full. That’s why the football field is my favorite spot.The

The Chill Spot


The first place is called “The Hill,” its a hill you can see downtown Dallas from. I choose this spot because this was the stop where I got away from my problems. I would go at night and sit there look at the buildings. This spot was good for anything to be honest like dates, hang out spot or when you need some alone time. People go there all the time but everybody respects people space; Its like invisible rules when you go out there and nobody breaks them. This is my favorite spot back home.

Ben Hunter: My Favorite Places



My favorite place back home honestly has to be the soccer fields at Eleanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, VA, just north of my home in Centreville. As you can see, it’s a grass field, and for those who aren’t familiar with playing soccer, it was a bad field. I honestly hated the darn thing because when you play soccer on a run-down, ancient, patchy, semi-dirt field, the ball essentially goes everywhere except where you want it to. But the reason I miss this place most is because I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours playing with my friends there, and I have to say there’s a part of me I left behind in all those dirt and rocks.

There are currently three other fields at ECL, two of which are turf. Before I left, they had recently refurbished the one turf field beside the one shown above, and upgraded another. While I was initially upset that they didn’t make our field turf as well, I’m glad it’s still the same garbage field it’s always been. No matter how hard it is to play soccer there, I will always look back on it as the one of the few places I can call my own. I sweat in the blazing heat there, and shivered in the blistering cold. I practiced there, I played there, I ran there, I basically lived there. I would spend my weekends at ECL with my friends and brother all the time. It’s strange how something I used to despise is now the one place I truly miss.

Sass Field

As for my new favorite place here at Susquehanna, I’d have to say that’s the Sass. soccer field. I showed up here wanting to continue playing soccer, and hopefully find a bunch of other guys as into the game as my ones back home are. I started an intermural team with one friend that I met here, and after a few games and teammate conflicts, I ended up as the captain. I remember showing up the first night and thinking what a mistake s all was for deciding to play, but that was hardly the case by week two.

I met a handful of juniors that ended up joining our team, and now we’ve all agreed to stay together for indoors and even for the spring season. While I don’t play for the school, this is the next best thing. I honestly don’t have the time to practice every day and keep up with my school work. What I love is what brought me to ECL before I came here; I just love coming out for a pick-up game and having fun with my friends. Sure I’m competitive and a die-hard in the heat of a game, but all that really matters is getting together and chilling with a ball at your feet and your buds right beside you. The Sass. field isn’t that rugged flat at ECL. It’s a very nice turf field. And while it might not be what I grew up on, ‘d take it any day of the week compared to having nothing at all.

PS: Don’t get me wrong, turf fields are still so much nicer than grass. Hands down.

My favorite place





Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.43.52 PM

My favorite place at home is my boyfriend, Michael’s, house. I feel that this may be weird in some ways but I have some interesting reasons why i love his house. For a long time my favorite place was my room. It’s where I hid from everyone and everything. I was a sad child/teenager for a while to the point where’d I rather stay home alone and even avoid my family. Then about three years ago I started to break out of my room because I was becoming happy again and it was because someone was helping me with my sadness and it was Michael. However I still didn’t really like being at home. At my house the air is kind of light but also heavy at the same time. I can’t really relax at home. But at Michael’s house I can actually breathe. His mom is hilarious and we always talk about our adventures while sipping on tea. I always bother his little brother Eric because he’s actually really funny and we have a lot in common. Eric is like a brother to me and I like talking and hanging out with him. Michael’s older brother, Daniel, is really into music and i sing so we get along well. Then finally Michael he makes me very happy and we just can talk for hours or play videos games together like animal crossing on our Ds’ or league of legends on our computers. Sometimes Michael, Eric, Daniel, their mom, and I will play Just Dance together in the living room. So yeah Michael’s house is my favorite place at home. It’s where I get to spend time with Michael, his family and a place where I can be happy.


My favorite place at SU is my dorm room. The air in my dorm is fun and light and the christmas lights really set a mellow tone. My roommate and I get along so well it’s scary. We’re just about laughing the whole time. Also it’s fun when we leave our door open because we get asked for help with laundry a lot time since we live across the laundry room. Good thing my roommate and I learned how to do laundry when we were kids. Then we have people who visit us in general and that’s even more fun. overall my dorm is pretty relaxing and I like having a place where I can just cool down and then happily go to sleep.

My Favorite Places (Part 1)


This is a picture of room 216 in my high school, the “Theatre Arts” room (aka ‘Tharts’). [pc: me]

This is a picture of the interior of the Kind Cafe, in downtown Selinsgrove. [pc: me]

While I have favorite places in both places where I live (my parents house and SU’s campus, specifically), I have always found my favorite spaces outside of them, though very nearby. My first favorite space from my home, is Tharts—room 216 in my high school, Bergen County Academies. The classroom, which was a slightly asymmetrical theatre performance space, was half wooden floor, half carpet, with mirrored walls on both east and west sides, and a closet full of props, costumes, and set pieces. I loved this room, so much. Every year of school, I had a class in this room, starting with Acting I my freshman year, and ending with Directing my senior year. However, Tharts was more than just a class space to me (and to my fellow theatre majors); it was essentially our home. We’d spend countless hours in Tharts, doing homework, chatting, getting lunch, staying after school for rehearsals, etc. During our induction into the theatre academy in May of 8th grade, we had a ceremony in this very room that started us all off for our 4 years, and our Senior Recognition Night (a cute little graduation type ceremony with a roast & heartfelt speeches) was here too, capping off our high school experience. I had so many wonderful memories in Tharts, and won’t forget its uncomfortable carpet, vaguely sock-y smell, and all of the friends I made there.

My favorite place in Selinsgrove, alternatively, is the Kind Cafe in the downtown. I adore all of it: the decor, the coffee, the books, the piano, the food… The interior reminds me of a small coffeeshop in Maine I used to go to often, but the Kind also has delicious sandwiches (that I can eat!). My first week on campus, after I came back from the hospital, I decided to take a tour of Selinsgrove’s downtown area, and I stumbled upon the Kind. I immediately fell in love. I’ve been going back as much as I can since, if only to sit for an hour or two and read with a warm cup of tea. One of my favorite memories here though was making a new friend—I went to the Market Street Festival with an acquaintance of mine who lives in my dorm, and we stumbled into the Kind Cafe looking for an actual lunch. We sat down, ordered, and proceeded to tinker around on the piano until our food came. For the next 3 hours, we talked, played multiple games of chess, and became really good friends, all over tea and sandwiches! The Kind Cafe is incredibly sweet, with wonderful staff, and a great vibe, and delicious food. I’m so glad that I was able to find this spot so quickly into my first semester!

My favorite places Part 1


This is a photo of my living room back in Lewisburg. It is my favorite place back at home. I have had many fun times in there and enjoyed spending time with friends and family. When my mom remarried we moved into this house. At first it was very strange but I grew used to the situation and became confrontable with it, all thanks to this room. In this room I was able to bond my step siblings and new family members. This room has also be used for all of my birthdays and other family gatherings. I also always was able to use this room to kick back after a stressful day and play some Xbox or watch a movie.

This room has definitely helped me become the person I am today. Within this room I have bonded with many different people and discussed many things. I’m someone who likes to learn about others backstories and I can do so in that room. I think that is why this room is my favorite place back in Lewisburg.



My favorite place at Susquehanna is the international house. I have made many friends and good memories there. When I first came to Susquehanna I didn’t have any friends, but when I meet Noaki (exchange student from japan who lives in the house) he invited me to come back to his house and hang out. When I arrived there I was immersed with a mixture people of different cultures. Now those people are some of my closest friends.

Nowadays, I usually go to the house every night and enjoy spending my time helping cook Chinese or Japanese food, watch movies, or playing videogames. This house has definitely had a major impact on my life. It’s really cool to think how people from all over the world have all bonded in this house and become great friends.

My Favorite Place


My favorite place from home is about 10 minutes from my house. This is the Barkhamsted reservoir. On one side of the road, there’s a stone wall and a small stone tower that overlooks the water. On the other side, there is a smaller stone fall and below, there is a large fountain. There’s also an old, stone map of Connecticut. I usually went here for many reasons. My sisters and I would love to go together and to go on walks or hikes on the trails nearby. I would also go there alone to listen to music, do homework, sketch, or just walk about.

This place became a nice get-away or easy go-to spot between my siblings and my friends where we could walk around. In the fall, the leaves all change colors and the trails nearby are easy to walk through. Since it wasn’t an inconvenience to go to is was just a nice getaway. I’ve been going here since we first moved to Connecticut, and now it’s just an easy place to get to and let time pass.

Susquehanna River

Similarly, my favorite place at Susquehanna is also by a body of water. The Susquehanna river isn’t on campus, but it is still within walking distance and very easy to go to and just spend time there. On the nicer days, it is easy to go here with friends and spend time together. It’s a nice getaway from the campus and afterwards, you can easily walk around the town of Selinsgrove and explore the places in town. It’s peaceful just to sit down and watch the water move instead of stressing about schoolwork. It also reminds me of my favorite place back home, and brings back good memories that were made there as well as good memories that are being formed while going to school here. I love how it is still a short distance from where I live and has the same calming effect as my place back home.

Photo Assignment


This picture is taken on a cell phone tower on top of a mountain that is right by my house. I choose this photo as my favorite place back home because it has so many great memories. In order to reach the tower you have to hike up the mountain and it takes about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes, and the walk is so beautiful especially in the fall when all the leaves are changing. One of my favorite things to do, even as a kid, was to go play in the woods, which is one of the reasons i love this place so much. I think one of the best parts of this place is that you hike up this mountain and you get tired, but you are rewarded by suck an amazing view. On some of the clearest days you can even see New York City, so that is why I love this place so much.

The first time I found this spot a friend and I took on the challenge to climb to the very top of the cell phone tower. The view was incredible, and we spent about an hour just sitting up there and talking. Being able to feel as though you are on top of the word, and to feel like you don’t have to worry about anything is what continued to draw me back to this place.


The above picture is of the deg lawn. This is my favorite new place here at Susquehanna, because I think it is a very beautiful landscape with all the different trees. I choose this place because it reminds me of the place back home, granted this is not on top of a mountain but the trees and landscape remind me of the view from the cell phone tower. I think part of the reason I chose to come here to Susquehanna was because of the landscape and how pretty it was.

I walk past this location every single day and it brings me back to my spot back home and thats why I enjoy it so much. However, I hope to eventually make time to go hiking and I hear there is a overlook not to far from here that has an amazing view of the town, just like my spot back home. I hope some time soon I can find this place and make it my permeant new favorite place here at Susquehanna University.

Part 1

Noa Albilia

part 1- living room

My favorite place at home would have to be in my living room. I like it because when I lived at home it would be the place I spent the most time whether it was doing my homework, watching TV, or spending time with my family. We have a very comfy couch there, too. I also like it because when i lived at home, I would fall asleep every night on the couch in that living room while watching TV with my mom. She loves watching the “Housewives of New Jersey” TV show so we would fall asleep doing that. Sometimes my dad would stay for a little and make us food, too. This living room is where most of our family connections start and where most of conversations happen, so that is why it is my favorite place.

part 1- gym

My favorite place at school is the gym. I like it there because it is somewhere that I can just relax and hangout with my friends. I always have a workout buddy and it helps us bond. I think that physical strength and a healthy lifestyle is very important. It helps me take care of myself. It is also the place where I can listen to music and just think about my life. I really do enjoy going. It has impacted my life because it is one of the many reasons I came to Susquehanna.