Photo Assignment

The above picture (top) is my favorite place at SU, which is the gym. The gym is my favorite place because it has become my stress coping mechanism. Anytime that I feel stressed or overwhelmed I just head over to the gym to sweat out my problems, concerns, or frustrations. I also like it because the top floor offers an excellent view of the campus quad and the beautiful blue sky, which makes running a much more peaceful experience as a get the me-time that I need to clear my head.

The second picture is an image of the bar area of the basement of my house and is important to me not only is it the primary entertainment area of my house, but it is also the area were I can find some peace and quiet to do homework and not be bother by the obnoxious noise of my family upstairs. It is a central piece in my household, rivaling that of the kitchen and dining room, in providing a comfortable and relaxing area to chat with friends and have good times. It is also the main get-together area of the big holidays of the year (i.e. Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, etc.) and serves as a great place to get a drink of water and sit for some pleasant conversation.

My favorite places

My favorite place at home:


Back in Switzerland, I didn’t have many places that I could call my favorite places. I loved the scenery and the atmosphere, but I never really felt at home. I’d have to say that my favorite place, at the time, was my room, but I don’t have a picture of it, and my brother already moved his stuff in once I left. So I’ll just use my second favorite place: my back yard. My whole family loves to tell people about where we live; how our house is over 500 years old, how there’s a barn in the back (the wooden area to the left of the car), and our spacious backyard. Our house is actually a double house (actually I think it’s a triple house? I didn’t know our neighbors), though our space was the biggest. The yard is shared by everyone in the house, but my dad is the one who mows it every weekend out of boredom. We would often eat dinner outside at the table before it got too cold, and in the winter my parents would invite friends over and we would all sit around a fire pit and talk. When we first moved, most of our belongings were still on their way by boat, and I spent some time outside drawing, reading, and playing guitar. The reason this place played a big role in the adventure of moving is that it felt familiar. Sure, there were huge mountains on either side of me, but my surroundings didn’t affect how it felt for me to just sit in the sun and read a book, similar to what I would do in the States.

My favorite place at SU:


Since I had a rough time in high school and spent a lot of my time in my room, it became my place of peace. My dorm room is where I feel most at home. If I have a bad day, I always know that I can escape to my room. At home, my room was covered in posters and art that my friends sent me, and it’s no different here. The posters also bring happy memories. The giant one to the left reminds me of the time when I told my mom that’s what I wanted for my birthday, and was very surprised to find out that it wasn’t a normal sized poster, but a huge one. The small pieces in the center and far right are things that my best friend drew. We met online and we’ve talked at least one time every day for almost 4 year now.

Basically, my room is my favorite place here. I’d rather be in my room on my computer or playing video games than be outside, no matter the weather, unless I’m hanging out with friends. It’s just where I feel the most comfortable. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been away from home for more than 3 weeks, and I think my room has been my anchor, preventing me from getting caught up in everything stressing me out.

Photo Assignment


My favorite place at home is my back porch. This photo doesn’t show the entire porch, but my dog, Timmy, and I often enjoy sitting on the back porch. There are many objects and plants and bird feeders on the porch and spread throughout my backyard. It’s a very relaxing place for me. During high school I would find myself sitting out back a lot just to think about things or write.


My favorite place on campus is my room. I have been able to make it my own, personal space and feel very comfortable there. Having my own space is something very important to me, and I’m happy me and my roommate get along well. Everyday after class and studying, I’m able to unwind peacefully in my room; something I look forward to every night.

Favorite places

My favorite place from back home is Redbull arena. It is the home field for my favorite sports team the New York Redbulls. When I am at home I try and go to as many home games as possible. I usually go with my dad and it is something that we both enjoy and it brings us closer together. I always have a ton of fun and I have many good memories from the stadium. I hope to go back there over thanksgiving break when the Redbulls play Columbus in the Eastern Conference finals. Hopefully I will be able to add that day to my catalogue of good memories that I have from the stadium.

My favorite place at SU is my dorm room. Although I dont spend all day in my room, when I come back from a long day of studying and playing sports, it is always good to just have a quiet place to just hangout. Whether its watching tv or playing FIFA it is a very relaxed environment. My roommate and I get along just fine and I really like the people who live on my floor. Even thought I love almost everywhere on SU’s campus, I would have to say that is is my favorite.

My Favorite Places

Choir Room at my High School
Degenstein Theater


The first picture is of the choir room in my high school. I spent a majority of my time there and developed great friendships with my classmates in the choirs. I made some of my closest friends in choir, and I miss it more than anything. We were all like a big family, and although we had some tough times, especially when a member of the choir and my class passed away, we all got through it together. We had two different directors in the four years I attended the school, and I loved them both. They were wonderful and treated each and every one of us as respectable individuals. When I was in choir, I felt like I could really be myself and embrace my creativity. Choir was my second home, and I’m so happy to say I could spend all four years with my musical family.


The second picture is Degenstein Theater, which I took only a few days ago. We are currently rehearsing for the upcoming play Her Naked Skin, and it is one of the most fantastic experiences I’ve ever had. Going from high school to a professional theater is absolutely incredible, and I feel so accepted in the cast even though it is mostly upperclassmen. I’ve had a difficult time adjusting and making friends here, but at rehearsal I really feel at ease and like I belong. Everyone in the theatre department has been a joy to meet and work with, and it’s the one place on campus that I’m absolutely in love with. The atmosphere is fantastic and it makes me proud to be a theatre major.

The comforts of Home and Susquehanna.



My cat, at my home, representing the comfort of my home, which was my favorite place. It is quite cliché, but home is great for cozy relaxation, they say it is where the heart is. After school and work, I go back home, to recharge my body and mind. It is why I like home.

I quite like my favorite place that is not a place as such, but rather a mindset, my cat resting on the couch, is a symbolic expression of Gemütlichkeit. Comfort is a vague concept, however, English as a language, cannot quite express the concept of Gemütlichkeit. Coziness is often used a translation, however the word ‘Coziness’ does not quite describe a friendly warmness of the people and animals that live home. My family is welcoming, even if I get bored it, after a grand adventure, I can rest there.



The Scenery around Susquehanna is my favorite. Central PA is very beautiful and scenic. Scenery, as superficial it may sound, is a characteristic of the experience here. It quite literally provides a background for the theme of everyday, mundane personal experiences.

Since it is one of my favorite attributes to Susquehanna, scenery can be relaxing. To take away the stress of class work, for example, I would get out of my room, and take in the cool air and take a gander at the magnificent mountains, and feel quite alright. This why the Appalachian scenery is one of my favorite places at SU. I have made Susquehanna a second home, being able to relax is attribute to define home. I consider myself a resident here at Susquehanna, and also Selinsgrove.

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Image: Thorsten Schmitz, License: artlibre
Image: Thorsten Schmitz, License: artlibre

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Pennsylvania Route 45 bridge over the West Branch Susquehanna River, from the Lewisburg side.
Pennsylvania Route 45 bridge over the West Branch Susquehanna River, from the Lewisburg side by Jakec



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