Behavioral Effects- Hallucinogens


For some users taking a hit of acid may give them the warm and fuzzies, with visions of rainbows and sunshine dancing before their eyes. This strong feeling of euphoria can lead to a person becoming more talkative, affectionate and excitable. This is a good trip, where colors can be heard and music can be tasted (an effect known as synesthesia) and life is generally beautiful. In this video a man shares his positive experience with taking LSD.

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For some users taking a hit of acid may give them a feeling of anxiety and extreme panic and paranoia, with a feeling of doom and visions of warped surroundings and frightening things. This can lead to a person becoming aggressive and harmful to themselves or those around them. This is known as a bad trip and can leave a person scarred for a long time after the trip. In this video it simulates what a bad trip may consist of. Pretty creepy stuff!

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Psilocybin, also known as Magic Mushrooms or shrooms works much like LSD. A good trip on shrooms can make a person feel extremely relaxed and euphoric and can take a user to magical places far beyond the sober mind’s eye. A person who experiences a good trip on shrooms can see amazing, brightly colored, magical things and have a very spiritual experience. In this video you can watch someone experience their first trip on mushrooms. At one point in the video she describes it as “being really awake”

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On the other hand, much like LSD shrooms can have a negative effect on the psyche and cause a very scary and intense trip. This can again cause the users to become panicked, paranoid, aggressive and  dangerous. In this video a woman describes her bad trip on shrooms.

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DMT, you guessed it, is much like LSD and shrooms only highly intensified. Under the “spell” of DMT the users will experience a dream like state with intense visual and auditory experiences. The environment around the user may be perceived as an entirely different place, even other worldly. It can also cause the user to become agitated. In this video a woman describes her spiritual experience on DMT.

YouTube / Taylor Marie – via Iframely

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