Nation vs Susquehanna drug use

Our collective data compares and contrasts the data between Susquehanna University (SU) and the U.S. national.  The surveys differ greatly between one another because there was an extremely low rate of participants in the SU survey compared to the nation’s. The differences between the two surveys are not significant. This data gives us a better understanding of the amount of substances being used at SU and the U.S. as a nation.



Figure 1: This survey displays the different types of drug use within the U.S. nation, which involves about 200 million participants.



Figure 2: This survey displays the different types of drugs used by  SU students.


The nation’s data shows that the majority amount of drugs used are alcohol and marijuana.  Not only does the nation’s data show that alcohol and marijuana are widely used SU’s data is similar. In figures 1 and 2 both marijuana and alcohol are the substances that are used the most. The difference between the two are SU students only use marijuana and alcohol as substances and the  nation uses many other substances, such as pain relievers, cocaine and stimulants.

By: Connor Mulherin