Over the course of the past few weeks, we have interviewed four individuals who were willing to share their thoughts, stories and struggles about their own drug use. We hope that these interviews will educate and inform people about the highs and lows of using drugs, as well as any repercussions that they may have.

While conducting these interviews we were able to identify several similar themes throughout. Three of the four interviewee’s found that their drug use had negatively impacted their lives either through damaging their relationships with friends and family, experiencing anxiety or fear while using or affecting their daily living. All of those interviewed found that they were using drugs in an attempt to help alleviate pain, and three of the four found that their use was problematic.

This article, written by the International Scholarly Research Notices, explains how drug use is not only harmful to the individual using, but society as well. Read more below: 
Drug Use & Harm/

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Interviews conducted by: Katie Brown