Interview: Marijuana
Interviewee would like to remain anonymous
February 9th, 2016

Why did you start smoking weed?
My first time, I was at a party and a friend was passing his bowl around. I was curious and my friend always seemed to have a good time, so I tried it.

How old were you?
I was fifteen.

How did you feel?
I didn’t feel anything!

So you continued to smoke after that?
Yeah, because I was curious. I bought a g for $10 from this guy I knew at school and I made a makeshift bowl out of a water bottle because I didn’t want to buy an actual bowl yet.

Did you like it?
Yeah, I liked how it slowed everything down a little bit. I felt calmer, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Have you ever done any other drugs?
No, actually. Just weed. I’ll stick with weed. I don’t have any desire to do any hard drugs.

Do you think you started smoking because you were stressed or just for fun?
Oh, good question. A little bit of both, honestly. When I first started I did it because it looked fun, but then I started smoking it because I wanted to relax when I was stressed.

Did it ever become a problem for you? Or did anyone tell you that you had a problem?
I mean, my friends joke that I smoke too much. But I do my work, I go to work. It’s not really a problem in my view.

Did you start dealing?
Here and there, yeah, if I needed some quick cash.

Do you feel as though you can stop smoking whenever you want?
Oh yeah. But I don’t want to.

Any regrets?
Nah, not really. Maybe that I smoked out of a gravity bong one too many times, but that’s it.