Interview 3

What drugs have you tried?

Marijuana, LSD, LSA, Triple Cs, Robitussin, codeine, mushrooms, ayuahuasca, MDMA, MDA, percosets, vicodin, benzopine, valium, Xanax, klonopine, methadone, cocaine, aderol, vivance, methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana, ketamine, SASS, E, tramadol, alcohol, opium, hashish, wet, nitrous, mescaline

Do you have a “favorite” drug?


When was your first experience with drugs?

When I was 11 I tried alcohol.

Are there any drugs that you regret trying?

No regrets

Talk about a memorable experience you’ve had with drugs.

I had alcohol, LSA, Xanax, and marijuana, and rode a 4 wheeler, crashed it, and hid it back inside the garage.