About this site

This site contains research on Caribbean culture and society by students at Susquehanna University, enrolled in SOCI210 Caribbean Society and Culture, Spring 2016.

“This course focuses on the impact of history and economic policies on contemporary Caribbean institutions, cultural practices and art forms as well as the location of the region with respect to global political economy. This course looks at the history, politics, economic and sociology of the people of the Caribbean region. It is intended to introduce students to the Caribbean region and to expose them to alternative interpretations and formulations of traditional Western Sociological concepts and ways of thinking. The intent is to expand the knowledge base of the students concerning “Difference” and “Otherness” and to create in them a critical consciousness about how they analyze lesser-industrialized dependent capitalist societies. It focuses on issues of self-identity and expression within the context of hegemonic European values and institutions.  The aim is to give students an introduction to the region from a sociological perspective. Specifically, the course would look at the region’s colonial past on the economic, political and cultural practice of the present. The intent of this course is to move beyond the stereotypical representation of the region that has been long characterized as exotic tourist destinations.”

–Professor Dave Ramsaran