Afro, Nuyorican, Puerto Rican

Internalized Changes within the island have transferred over to places in the diaspora, like New York. The environment in which people outside of the particular race or ethnicity live is the diaspora. People of Puerto Rican descent that are associated with the term Nuyorican are those living in the diaspora. Nuyorican and Afro-Puerto Rican are terms that tend to cause divisions and group people since they classify as something other than although they still belong under the Art_Santurce

category of being Puerto Rico. Such terms serve as identity markers that reveal the internalized racism that has occurred for centuries in Puerto Rico and in other Caribbean countries.

Puerto Rico itself has always caused controversial discussion in relation to its political ties with the United States, due to it being one of the territories owned by the U.S. Nonetheless, Puerto Ricans residing in the diaspora and island hold the foundations of their culture, such as salsa music, food, and pride together though the political and economic situations have not been in the greatest condition for the past few decades.