Ska Music Today

Today, live music is on the decline due to the availability of music on the radio, the internet, and downloadable sites like iTunes or Spotify.  Ska music is one genre that is nearly always better to hear live, because digitalizing music loses a lot of emotional content and the original message.  Some recording companies such as Sky Note Records, based in London, England, specialize in recording ska music and are able to produce quality recordings that allow for maximum quality.  Something that has emerged in recent years is remixing ska and rocksteady songs in a dubstep style, which places the emphasis back on the downbeats of the music, giving it a more mainstream feel and sound.

One of the top American ska bands of today is Streetlight Manifesto, which was formed in New Brunswick, NJ in 2002.  Fourteen years later, they have an established musical career and are currently touring the country.

YouTube / fearlessmusicshow – via Iframely

One of the top Caribbean ska artists currently is Jimmy Cliff.  He is the only living artist to hold the Order of Merit, the highest musical honor that can be granted by the Jamaican government.  Currently sixty eight years old, he is still making music today.

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