7: Ok-est 3 Ideas

My first idea, and probably the most doable, involves mixing audio and visual content. The recent winter Olympic games reminded me of just how funny sports narration can be when taken out of context, and I think it could be even more well employed when layered over videos that do not match, at least not in a serious matter. For example, putting sports commentary over a clip of a penguin being chased by a leopard seal. I would combine the purposes of all media combined. Sports narration exists for somewhat-serious entertainment and excitement. Combining that with footage of animals would completely repurpose it into comedy. An audience for this project would probably need to include young adults and adults, because it would take a good amount of cognitive experience to understand the irony of the humor. In order to create this, I will need to collect both the video and audio, and arrange it in an editing program. I am relatively familiar with arranging videos on my computer.

I am also considering taking bits and pieces of my non-fiction writing to turn into a podcast. Anecdotal subject matter is one of the most appealing subgenres of comedy today, and it has a very wide audience. The purpose of comedic podcasts is to be relatable and funny; simple. My audience would likely include mostly people my age, so young adults. In order to do this, I would need to find a time and quiet space to record myself reading. And, of course, I would need to get my anecdotes together and organized.

My third and least-likely-to-be-successful idea involves creating a book movie trailer. I have some experience with video editing programs, and I know my way around the basics, but I, admittedly, do not have much patience with them, and a project like this would require a lot of complex effort, and probably some troubleshooting. Organizing a trailer is complicated, and requires the use of many tools that I probably am not familiar with, but I would still be willing to try. Both the audience and purpose would depend on the text that I choose, but it’s most likely that it will involve people around my age, with similar interests to me, since that’s what I like to work with.

At the moment, I feel most drawn to the first idea I listed. I have enjoyed putting together simple videos in the past, and I love more than anything to make people laugh. Copyright issues might pop up, though, but I trust I’ll be able to work through any by claiming that this project is purely for educational purposes, and that I am not making any money off of my creations.


Word Count: 450