7: One smallhttp://wordpress.susqu.edu/engl390/2018/03/06/7-one-small-pitch-for-men-one-giant-pitch-for-mankind/ Pitch for men, One giant Pitch for Mankind

For this project my partner in crime is Ashleigh Tomcics. Idea number one, the best on in my opinion, is a musical medley which is when you use the same chord progression to perform the different songs. As of right now songs that would be used are: I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Hey Soul Sister by Train, Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, Complicated by Avril Lavigne, Where is The Love by The Black Eyed Peas, and possibly You’re Gonna go Far Kid by This would be done using a ukulele, a camera, and the video editing software to record and edit a video of the performance. I’m not to sure of the purpose because I randomly thought about this in class last week and promptly said that’d be cool, then told my group partner about it. The audience would be the fans of the original song/artist and ukulele enthusiasts. The modes and media was that the user would have to press play and then watch the video on youtube or another video platform
Idea number two would be to possibly make a short film adaption of a written text. I’m not sure what text would be used since I’m just now rushing to think of something while idea number was thought out over a course of a week now. But basically what would be done is to chose a certain part of a story to adapt and make a sort of script. Then to find people to play the roles of the characters of the novel, then record, edit, and then publish to the internet. The audience would be fans of the books and film enthusiasts. The purpose would be to provide a clearer understanding of the text and provide a visual for people to go to if the reader can’t imagine a world for themselves. The mode and Media would be vaguely similar to the first idea since they are both videos.
Final Word Count: 322