My Pitch: Transmedia Storytelling Project

I was very confused at first (as I always am it seems) as to what I wanted to do for this project. However, I have had a breakthrough! For my project I am planning on using the following Media: A revised short story I wrote last semester entitled Just The Two of Us, a series of journal entries taken from the story and put on a different site, and a photo album with captions that also connect to the story as well.

The purpose of my project is similar to the Remix project – to entertain. Like the last project I want to recreate a short story into something more for more people to enjoy. I also find it easiest to use something I already have rather than searching for something I am not as familiar with. I hope people enjoy reading my work because I’ve been using a lot of my first pieces…

The audience of my project is, specifically, the members of this class. However, the overall genre of the project is fiction and is geared towards young adults who enjoy fiction and enjoy the interactive aspects that will be added. The audience is also anyone who wants a similar (yet nowhere near as exciting) experience as the Lord Of The Rings, where different aspects of the story lie in different platforms or different parts of the story.

The modes I plan to use include: linguistic with the text, gestural with the interactive journal entries, visual with all of the above, structural with, again, all of the above, and hopefully aural with some music playing somewhere. I plan to use a website (that has not been created yet) for the actual text, to create the photo album which will then live on Google Sites, and WordPress for the journals (because I literally could not find any other template).

An audience would access my project on the above mentioned sites. The viewing context overall is a story of a family/ Murder Mystery (yes, a murder mystery). I would say the platform of the narrative is independent, as it technically could be read in text and online in different areas, but the other two are dependent and need to be viewed on the specific sites, unless share in a different way.

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Jordyn Taylor is a Junior Creative Writing and Publishing and Editing double Major from Bangor, Pennsylvania. She is the Head Editor of the Common Reading Internship, the Junior Director of FUSE, and a student ambassador. She is also a lover of murder mysteries, poetry slams, red velvet cupcakes, and anything out of the ordinary. She has found her voice through her writing and loves to showcase that work whenever she can.