My Transmedia Storytelling Pitch

A couple years ago, I made an Instagram for my dog, Pebbles: @pebbstagram. It has since carried on, now focusing on my new puppies, Pepper and Zuko. My mother and I run it together, posting pictures with captions and hashtags such as “#dachshundsofinstagram”.

For this project, I plan to create the following media:

  • Instagram (pre-existing)
    • @pebbstagram
  • Online photo album
    • captioned photos on a timeline, starting from the day we brought them home
  • Podcast
    • to tell funny/entertaining stories about the puppies
  • Website
    • as a way to “get to know” the puppies

The purpose of this project and all of the above media is simply to entertain. There is a vast web of dachshund Instagram accounts, and even more for just dogs in general. The community is strong, and expanding my page will add even more variety. Hopefully, it can also serve as a means of stress relief for some. The audience is, of course, dachshund lovers, and anybody looking for some cute Instagram-surfing material.

In order to compose this project, I will need to use programs such as GarageBand (for the podcast), websites like Genial, or other page-making tools. To organize the photos, I will use the photo app on my computer to arrange and caption them, then post them to the webpage I make.

This project should be applicable to many––if not all––online platforms, from a cellphone to a desktop to a tablet; anything with internet access.