Transmedia Package Pitch

The transmedia package project I am thinking of doing at this point is centered around a short story/screenplay that I wrote a few semesters ago. The first medium would be the short story or screenplay itself (most likely the short story, as I am in the process of rewriting it), and I would probably make it a PDF and link to it.

The second medium that I was thinking of creating was a website that includes character profiles and information on the people within the story, such as their birthdays, their favorite foods and music, and their relationships. I am undecided on the third medium at the moment but I was thinking that I could create a blog for either the main character or another character in the story (to show their perspective) or some other type of social media for the main character. I was also thinking that I could write a letter than the main character writes in the story but I think that would count as a second print medium so I will have to rethink it. Taj helped me to think through what I might do for the third media as well.

I would probably use the same website I used for my remix for the profile website,, or some other very simple website maker. I haven’t decided what tool to use for the third media, but I could use WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, or something similar.

The purpose of my transmedia package would be to expand the world of the story and give the reader more information and a different perspective on its characters and events. I’m not totally sure of the audience yet, but I think it would include younger people who like to read and find the original story engaging and would like to know more about it. A simple website and a blogging or social media platform of some kind would probably be the best way to reach this audience. My audience would reach the transmedia package through the internet, through the website and social media which would include links to the original story in PDF format. It could be viewed on a computer or mobile device but not offline.