12. Hypertext

Unlike my classmates I did not think of Wikipedia when I thought about hypertext I was at a loss. When I read my classmates post I could only think of YouTube’s recommended videos on the side so it gives the watcher more options on what to what. Which is how I end up on “the Buzzfeed loop” which is what I call it when I just watch one Buzzfeed video and then the recommended videos on the side are more videos by them and I click on them or YouTube autoplays them. Honestly I’m not too sure on what exactly a hypertext is however I know more about getting lost in a sea of clickable links on web pages. Hypertext allows the reader of whatever webpage to easily navigate to other web pages that relate to what the reader originally search and help expand on what the reader was looking for. With that in mind I believe Hypertext is only available on the digital platform if anything had to come close to hypertext I would say chose your own adventure books. Though other than that Hypertext does change the way something is read since it provides the reader multiple options on the topic. The benefit of hypertext is that it gives the reader options on what to read or look at without shoving it into the readers face and it also makes looking for related content super easy for the readerĀ  The drawback of hypertext is the very thing I love about hypertext and that is the fact that you can continue clicking on links but slowly the thing you were originally searching for has become cute puppies with hats or something of that nature. It’s really easy to get lost down into the void of digital content and easily get distracted. I have fallen into this void so bad that I sometimes don’t even exit the web pages. Then instead of finally once I have so many tabs open where the top of my browser is impossible to navigate instead of going through all the tabs to see which ones I don’t need I make it worse by opening new browsers so “clean up”. Below is the evidence of my shame on three different browser and this is about all I know on Hypertext.

Exhibit A: Web browser 1
Exhibit B: Web browser 2
Exhibit C: Web browser 3

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