15: Final Reflection

When I first saw that this class was offered I was extremely excited, but also pretty scared because it was considered a higher level course than the ones I was supposed to take. I didn’t even know if I was even going to get into the class. When I think about it, I probably would have opted to take a class like this much later in my college career, but thank goodness I didn’t. Digital Publishing taught me valuable lessons on the subjects of audience, circulation, and thought processes used to create digital media. If I think about day one of this class and today I realize how much we have covered. I expected a lot talk about websites and the self-publishing of digital works. We talked about those but not in a way I would have foreseen. We explored the inner workings of digital media, questioning theories about digital publishing I didn’t even know existed. I think this class prepared me a lot for what I might do as a working professional and as a student. I do hope that there are more courses like this so I can broaden my understanding of digital publishing.