15. Reflection

I was not sure what I was expecting in this course my advisor said it was a new course and said I would probably like it so I took it. After that, I think about this course until it was time to actually take it. I’m not sure what learning goals I may have had going into this class I make myself a blank slate whenever I first start a class to make sure I have an unbiased opinion on the course and professor. Though I must say by the end I feel as though I have learned a lot about working on the digital platform. Also, the ability to work on projects topics that I actually enjoyed was a plus because I had fun doing my work. Again, I didn’t have expectations for this course coming in and to be honest I don’t remember the goals that were set on the syllabus either. I feel as though I learned a lot so I think we accomplished everything that may have been on the syllabus. The biggest takeaway from this course is that if you know how to be internet trash than this is the course for you. But seriously, this class did teach me a lot about digital publishing and it was all very interesting. Something I would change maybe the workload. I felt as if I always had something to do for this class there was never a calm period and I know this is a 300-level course but just an opportunity to breathe may have been nice. Overall, I will miss this course and Dr. Lang I’m glad I was able to take this course especially since when I signed up I had to ask to be let in because the course had filled up already.