15) Reflection of Semester

At the beginning of the class, I was very scared, as I did not know anyone taking the course and I wondered if the knowledge I gained in modern publishing would benefit me in the digital aspect of publishing. When I got to class on the first day, I was even more scared and very intimidated by the upperclassmen that surrounded me. Due to this fact, I felt very small and didn’t talk much throughout the semester.

During the course I expected to learn, as the title suggests, about the world of digital publishing and in what ways it differs from print publishing, or how it connects to publishing in general. My goal was to gain this knowledge, to do well on my assignments and projects, get an A in the class, and read most, if not all, of the readings fully and completely. Almost all of the outcomes of my goals reflected what I wanted, besides the readings, which I admittedly skimmed on some occasions.

The class met my expectations by giving me knowledge that I did not know before. I think the class overall met the expectations of the course by discussing the readings/topics thoroughly and in depth and giving many of our own insights, opinions, and experiences. I think overall there could have been more participation, but I am in no place to talk, as I never fully found a voice throughout the semester.

My biggest takeaway from the class is honestly finding new platforms for projects in the future that I can use for many other things and that also demonstrate different forms of media and modes that we discussed in class. For example, I had never used Geanial.ly or Wix before but will definitely do so in the future. I have also become more comfortable with wordpress as well, and am happy that I can use these different platforms now.

Something I would change, as I mentioned last semester, is the amount of readings. While I think one or two readings for each class is doable, I think the length of some are too long and lose the audiences attention while reading. It is also hard to discuss the longer readings sometimes as I feel there is too much information to cover in a short time, or, we may not remember everything in them. I would love something shorter, or quicker to read.

Overall I enjoyed the class and look forward to using the terms and tools I have gained for the future.

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Jordyn Taylor is a Junior Creative Writing and Publishing and Editing double Major from Bangor, Pennsylvania. She is the Head Editor of the Common Reading Internship, the Junior Director of FUSE, and a student ambassador. She is also a lover of murder mysteries, poetry slams, red velvet cupcakes, and anything out of the ordinary. She has found her voice through her writing and loves to showcase that work whenever she can.