15: My Reflection

I want to first start by saying that I was very excited to take the digital publishing course. When I came to Susquehanna, I didn’t really intend on writing an entire novel like some people in my major. I wanted to write screenplays, but along this journey, I’ve discovered a new love for poetry and article writing.

I expected this course to teach me the basics about digital publishing. I learned a lot of what I wanted to. For example, I wanted to learn about copyright laws, and I did. I do think this class was helpful, but I would have liked a little more hands-on work. Like, focusing on what kind of brand you want to make for yourself as a digital content creator would have been helpful to me. Then, I would have been a little bit more specific about what themes I picked for projects like my wiki entry, transmedia project, and my remix.

So, focusing on branding your content would be something I’d suggest adding to this course next time around. My biggest take away from this class would be possibilities. I was unaware of all the different things I could do with digital publishing. I’m extremely grateful that I brought the book for this course instead of renting it because I know I will be referencing it again as I embark on my goals as a storyteller in graduate school and beyond.