A Tribute to Our Seniors

This is not how we planned to send you off. We planned on 7 more weeks of jokes, annoying emails and last-minute schedule changes. We pictured a large end of year meal where staff and student employees could come together to wish you well, share stories and hear about your plans for your next chapter. We planned on just a little more time with you. But the world had different plans. 

We will use this as a lesson. There is something to be said for the people we become after our best laid plans get waylaid. Take your disappointment and turn it into determination. Be determined to take advantage of any opportunity that speaks to you.  

We hope to celebrate you at graduation in August. We realize that we might not be able to see you since you will be so busy, but know that we are there. We are in the crowd and we are cheering for you.  

We thank you for all of the hours you spent with us. We are thankful for your laughter and hard work. We will always cherish the marks you left with us. We have a story about each of you. You are appreciated and you will be greatly missed. 

– Tracy Powell & Nici Baer

Student Employee Supervisors

Carissa Wolfe

Library Employee since Fall 2016

I’ve worked in the archives, at the front desk, and as a student manager. The library has been my on-campus job all four years of college! I worked there during the summer and winter breaks too! I loved my coworkers and the late-night shifts! I’m going to miss you all!

Samantha Seminara

Library Employee since Fall 2017

Inventory/Service Desk and as a Student Manager. I helped with the whole Inventory re-count/re-organization that happened with the main catalog. I really liked doing Inventory, Something about putting books back onto the shelf and minding your own business was really soothing and therapeutic. I met a lot of great people, and I hope the Library keeps on getting better. Roger MVP!

Steven McKnight

Library Employee since Fall 2016

My work included Circulation, Inventory, Rare Books. I assisted with donations for a while my freshman year. I’ve been a student manager since last year. I’ve appreciated being able to work with a fantastic community and a crew of fun and kind librarians. My time at Susquehanna would not have been complete without this job. This is a network of amazing and supportive individuals who I will be able to rely on for many years after. Additionally, I largely appreciated being paid money for my labor. That was pretty neat. There will be a new Jeff.

Jasmine Reibsome

Library Employee since Fall 2016

As a student manager, I help around the library doing various tasks but I enjoy helping out with everything. I love working with everyone and have been a lifetime lover of books, so the position fit perfectly. I have loved every minute working at the library. The best decision I made was to apply to work here and I’m glad I did.

Other senior student employees not pictured above include Alexa Masia, Emily Mitchell and Nolan Nightingale.

We’re fine…