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The Books are Back in Town!

Our first Silent Book Club was a huge success! Thanks to all that came to participate! Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 30th at 8PM. Details below!

This semester, we’re doing things a bit differently. We’re introducing the Silent Book Club to gather friends & spend time reading our own books and talking about them as a group.

That’s right, there is no assigned reading. 

Here’s how it works:

We’ll gather at the pub with whatever we brought to read. We’ll order food & drinks and then settle in for some reading. We’ll set a specific time period for silent reading and afterwards we’ll chat! We can talk book recommendations, what we’re thinking of our current picks, how great the food is, whatever we want!

Our focus is to block out a small chunk of time to do nothing but read and relax — because let’s be real, you deserve it.

You can learn more about the national Silent Book Club movement from their website, or you can send any questions you have to Ryan Ake at or 570-372-4324.