Library Events

The Library is Open for Business

SU Students, come meet all the library staff and learn about our services at our 5th annual Open House, happening on Tuesday, September 3rd from 12-5PM.

The Open House highlights all the resources, services and spaces we offer for students in a fun and interactive way! If you’re a first-year student just settling in or a senior hoping to find some help for your last couple semesters, this event is great way for you to get acquainted or re-acquainted with the library!

Here’s how it works:

Students stop at 6 different locations around the library and learn what services are available to support their research and learning. When they complete all 6 stops, they can submit their names for several great prizes like Amazon & Starbucks Gift cards, free t-shirts and Airpods!

You will have proof you completed all stops at the event.
At each stop, your ticket will be stamped before you move on to the next. When all 6 stops are completed, a library staff member will sign the back of the ticket. This signed ticket is proof you completed the tour, in case you are getting any course credit for your visit.
It’s a self-guided tour, and should take about 30 minutes total.
You can come and go as you please anytime between 12:00PM – 5PM. 
It does not need to be done in a specific order or in 1 visit — as long as you receive all 6 stamps by 5 PM, you have officially “completed” the tour.
It helps!
Feedback shows students are appreciative to learn more about the space and services we offer and to meet the library staff. Events like this reinforce the importance of the library in your academic, professional and civic roles for years to come.