Nothing says “Welcome to Litomysl” quite like an uncomfortably long bus ride, a Czech gas station hot dog, and a tour of the symbol of wealth and opulence of 18th century nobility. All jokes aside, Litomysl is a lovely little town and it provides a beautiful contrast from the hustle and bustle of Prague. Litomysl is a small country town built around a 18th century castle, and our time here  began with a tour of the castle and the renaissance theatre within. The tour was brief, but we got to see the still intact rooms of the castle, which were decorated beautifully with intricately painted wood and no actual marble or stone. Jokes aside again, the wood was painted beautifully, and if the tour guide hadn’t told us we would have had no idea that the whole thing was wood at all. The theatre itself was a treat, especially for us theatre students, and offered a perfect in person example of forced perspective and court theatre.

After the castle, the group split for dinner and adventures, and my group found itself at a lovely little bar with an underground section, and despite Litomysl not being nearly the tourist town that Prague is, the experience was warm and inviting. We ended up sitting at a table in a adorable bar surrounded by friends (and a comfortable distance away from our professors, who had just happened to find the same place) knocking back Pivos in the shade of the setting sun. While an uneventful day by comparison to some (I’m lookin’ at you, Cirqueon), that didn’t stop us from making the best of it.

Na Zdravi,


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