Czechin’ out

Today was our last day in the Czech Republic and I wanted to make the most of it. Anna thought that we were too ambitious but we still got to everything we wanted to do and more.

First we walked around the Jewish quarter to take another look at the synagogues. And then we moved on to the national museum of music. We of course too the tram there because we are pros at the train by now.

At the national museum of music we saw an exhibit about music in the Czech Republic during the time of the communist party. The communist party heavily regulated the media from the west that the Czech people could consume, but the Czech people were determined to know about western pop culture. First Czech bands started to copy western bands. They copied everything from their looks to their music videos. The Czech people found ways to bring in cassette tapes and records into their homes even though if they were found in posssion of these cassettes they could be fined and put into jail.

The music museum also had an exhibit of old instruments. This is where Erin geeked out. Dalia even got to play the harp!

Next we went to Wenceslas Square for lunch. We had Burger King for lunch. One of my goals for the trip was to see if fast food tasted the same in Europe as it does at home. The tea is that fast food tastes the same everywhere. Next we walked around the square and did a little shopping. We stopped in a book store so that Dalia could get her favorite book in Czech. From there we went to the Castle.

We decided to walk to the castle instead of taking the tram. This led us to finding a statue of former president Edvard Benes that we were not expecting to find.

At the castle we first walked through the castle grounds to the cathedral. We went into the cathedral and we saw stained glass that you could not really see from the outside. The stained glass was brightly colored due to the sunlight.

From there we went to the castle gardens. We walked through the trees and beautiful flowers until we came across an exhibit about the Berlin Wall. This exhibit even had a piece of the Berlin Wall on display.

Lastly we ended our day on a river cruise for dinner. We got to look at all the beautiful sights and reflect on our amazing trip.

P.S. thank you to my amazing shoes that made this trip possible! They are literally falling apart now so they will be returned to the environment tonight. Rest In Peace walking shoes.

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