Write, Speak, Repeat is the first-ever digital anthology of Susquehanna University, created by the members of SU Slam Poetry Club. Published annually since 2019, Write, Speak, Repeat features works of performance poetry composed by our club members. We are incredibly proud to be the platform that showcases Susquehanna University’s undergraduate poets to the world.


A Letter from the Editors:


Poetry consistently heals the wounds inflicted by reason. Not only for you

But for others as well.

Throughout the course of this pandemic filled semester, you have conquered, achieved, and wrote more things than you might believe.

And we thank you.

From the prompts, to the questions, *snaps* and “oo’s”, the audience boo’s when the slam judges were handing out two’s,

We appreciate you all.

Writing about controversy, laughing with a touch of tragic comedy, and spilling feelings on a page

Or screen,

Thank you for trusting us with your well written words.

Now presenting this Digital Anthology you helped us create,

We present many topics to be an aid to you and pieces you’ll fall in love with.

We, the editors, cannot thank you enough.

In a world we constantly feel like we’re drowning, poetry is our lifeboat.

Let us all be a savior.

And let us be saved.

Here we give you the 2021 Susquehanna’s Slam Poetry Club Digital Anthology.


The 2020-2021 SU Slam Executive Board

Rachael Blaine, President

Ava Stanski, Vice President

Jack Snyder & Kayla Bush, Treasurers

Hannah MacKey, Secretary

Nala Washington, Public Relations Representative