A Realization Period

Today we had the privilege of going on an extensive tour of Old Town Prague.   We absorbed a lot of information about the place we will loosely call “home” for the next two weeks.  As I was going through this tour I was so wrapped up in it all. Learning about how the astronomical clock works and the rebellious architecture. I was fully enthralled until I came across a thought in my head. “Oh my gosh! Everyone should be learning this!”. This took me into a sort of spiral.  My thought changed to “Well, why can’t everyone learn this?”.  The truth is that, sadly, with most public education the history lessons are so restricted and rushed that there are so many histories that are unknown to the common American.  In a university setting classes go more in depth with the material but it is unlikely for someone who is not a history major to voluntarily take an intensive history class about a country when they don’t have the time in their schedule. So then I thought, “Okay well people can and SHOULD take it upon themselves to travel and become educated to enrich their lives and gain perspective!” I then realized a huge factor in why many can not do that: Privilege. The truth is, we are all in a place of privilege to be able to attend a liberal arts university that gives us the opportunity to go abroad and better ourselves. We are privileged to have the time to do this trip.  Sadly, this is the reality. This is not a lecture or to make anyone feel guilty for having a good time. It is simply my hope that we all take moments and feel fully grateful for our lives at this moment. So I say it again: Today we had the privilege of going on an extensive tour of Old Town Prague.

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