Circus Day!!

P1020511 (2)

Cirqueon, our home for all things circus in Prague, considers itself a social organization. Their goal is “to provide information on domestic and European events in the field of contemporary circus, to support contemporary circus projects created in the Czech Republic, and to aid the development of circus skills of professionals and the general public.”P1020561 (2)

That might sound like a peculiar mission statement (who REALLY needs “circus skills” besides circus performers?). But you’d be surprised by how well they connect the dots between movement, performance, and Czech history.


These photos from the 2015 trip show SU students coming to terms with gravity and each other.

P1020473 P1020489 P1020502 P1020495 P1020509 P1020525 P1020529 P1020571 P1020576 P1020577 P1020585

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