3: The intersectionality of Genre and Individual Pieces

I’m going to be honest and admit that I did in fact mess up my last blog post by using the wrong prompt. So bare with me as I once again talk cover the wonderful world of Genre one more time. In my last blog post I talked about the history of japan and how it was an comedic and musical history lesson discussing how this video is seen as a comedy but also falls into the genre of history. Today I would like to show another example of something like this and I feel a good jumping off point would be how in Emily’s post she discusses Jenna Marbles videos being under multiple categories. Now I may be biased because I love Jenna Marbles however, I did love the connections made with vloggers in general. People like Pewdiepie or Simply Nailogical who make the same kind of videos actively referencing each other for “stealing their content” but it seems that all vloggers have a general understanding that their not actually stealing. More so that the content produced is so broad that anyone can do it.

#Polishmountain is the video by Simply Nailogical that sparked the 100 layer challenge on youtube







In the prior paragraph I mention Simply Nailogical, whose real name is Christine, and I would like to discuss her channel a little more. When you see the user name Simplynailogical what do you think her content is on Youtube? If you guess nail art tutorials then you are only partially correct. Yes, when she started her channel it was only silent nail polish design tutorials but she as a person has grown and her channel is more than nail art now whether it be reviewing if things are actually holographic, talking about about her cringe worthy teenage years or following the latest trend on Youtube right now. Simply Nailogical has made it known that she likes to do other things than stick with the genre of nail art because it gets boring just doing one genre of video which in my opinion applies to a lot of other things. No one has the same idea of genre but an understanding that videos, games, and text can all fall into different sub genres.

As of February 13, 2018 Simply Nailogical has 4.8 million subscribers.

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