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May 3, 2018 Emily Hopf 0

The readings and discussions on topics such as rhetoric, audience, multimedia, and transmedia were beneficial in introducing theory to be implemented in our projects. However, […]


April 17, 2018 Emily Hopf 0

Hypertext originated in print (with Vannevar Bush’s Memex), even though it is usually associated with online media. This method of “linking” sources is certainly much […]


April 9, 2018 Emily Hopf 0

John Gallagher introduces the concept of writing for algorithmic audiences, which he argues is really writing for algorithmic procedures (Gallagher 25). However, I think a […]

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7: Remix Brainstorm

March 6, 2018 Emily Hopf 0

I am working with Kay and Mitch to create a website that features our individual remixes of newspaper headlines on Trump’s presidential campaign. Idea 1: […]

5: Remix in Art

February 27, 2018 Emily Hopf 0

Dustin Edwards argues that remixes should be “distinctive in purpose, delivery, design and style” (42). I noticed that the posts published so far on this […]