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15. Relfection

May 3, 2018 matusick 0

Having had publishing classes in the past, I think that I was prepared for what this class would be discussing because I was already familiar […]

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13. E-Portfolio

April 24, 2018 matusick 0

For my portfolio, like a few others have mentioned, I wasn’t really sure how related any of my projects were to be able to tie […]

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12. Hypertext

April 17, 2018 matusick 0

Like many others have mentioned, I often associate hypertexts with Wikipedia. One of my favorite ways to waste time is getting into Wikiholes, starting with […]

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Postcard Pitch

April 5, 2018 matusick 0

My transmedia package will be based off of vintage postcards. For the past few years I’ve collected old postcards that have already been written out […]

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9. My Remix

April 3, 2018 matusick 0

For my remix, I decided to add images to go along with William Wordsworth. I thought that the best way to do this that would […]

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Remix Ideas

March 6, 2018 matusick 0

My first idea would be an interactive map of Scotland that follows the plot line of Outlander. Users could go through a map of Scotland […]

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6: Creative Commons

March 1, 2018 matusick 0

I’ve had people recommend using Creative Commons to get pictures for different assignments before, but I’ve never actually used it until now. In the past […]