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12: Hypertext

April 11, 2018 bauers 0

In this post I will be using TV Tropes as a case study of the benefits and drawbacks of hypertext. “Nelson first published the term […]

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Transmedia Pitch

April 5, 2018 bauers 0

Yellowjacket is a superhero story that examines superhero tropes and how they would affect heroes in a rural area. It is also a story about […]

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9: My Remix

March 30, 2018 bauers 0

The Hypocrisy of Oil This is for my Digital Publishing class which is why it's wildly different from the videos I usually make. Feel free […]

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7. My Remix Pitch

March 6, 2018 bauers 0

I had a few ideas for a remix but in the end I decided to combine the audio from an advertisement for oil with the […]

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5: AMVs as Remixes

February 27, 2018 bauers 0

As a fan of animation, I am familiar with the genre of video known as AMVs. The acronym stands for Animated Music Video, though sometimes […]

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4: Serialized Webcomics

February 19, 2018 bauers 0

For my genre project I am looking at serialized webcomics, a genre that includes webcomics that tell a story through several installments of comic pages. […]