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15: Reflection

May 3, 2018 Hannah Feustle 0

I took this class as a requirement (sorry, Dr. Lang). I hoped that it would have some material related to the hypertext project I had […]

13: e-Portfolio

April 24, 2018 Hannah Feustle 0

Like Taj, I find myself a little concerned about my e-portfolio because I didn’t think much about how my projects in class complimented each other […]

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My Pitch!

April 5, 2018 Hannah Feustle 0

The idea for my project is to tell a story through a few forms of media. The basic synopsis would be (this is highly specific) […]

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9: My Remix!

April 3, 2018 Hannah Feustle 0

Here’s the link! For my remix, I used photos and travel notes from my study abroad last year to create a travel writing essay […]