6. Creative Commons?


When I came to the search bar I wasn’t sure what I should type in. Like Jordyn I decided to go with something simple and went with “chipmunks” and was surprised to see very little actually come up. There were mostly just wildlife pictures of chipmunks, and then a few that seemed to have nothing to do with the animal at all, and that confused me. One of which was this one. There are two bunnies and a barbie doll?

Then I looked up “magazines” which brought me mostly to pictures of bright covers or magazines piled on shelves. With 10 pages of results, there was a lot more results than the chipmunks, which was interesting to me because isn’t an animal just as generic as the term “magazines”? I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but based on most of the responses everyone was finding mostly pictures as well.


As Vivian, Jordan, and many others have brought up is that Creative Commons is useful, because these materials can be used for remixes or any artistic or possibly scholarly project without having to worry about copyright infringement. I also agree with Kes that the search bar for Creative Commons is very simple for people to use and it is an easy way to find images.

I think that most of the disadvantages also come from the search bar, because as Kes talked about in her post, that is the main and only way to navigate the website. When I was using the site this made me very confused because I was convinced for a while that Creative Commons only had images as media. But I know from messing around with the advanced search that there is more media such as video. I think that because of the basic search could deter people from using the website.

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