7: Remix Brainstorm

I am working with Kay and Mitch to create a website that features our individual remixes of newspaper headlines on Trump’s presidential campaign.

Idea 1: Interactive Map of the United States

Purpose: This map will visually demonstrate the varying regional sentiments towards Trump’s campaign with hyperlinked images of newspaper headlines from major newspapers around the country.

Audience: People who like politics and/or have strong feelings about Trump as well as anyone interested in the bias of media coverage.

Modes/Media: Wix.com

Backup Idea: Spoken Word Video

Purpose: Printed headlines may be interpreted by readers with varying emotions. Having people read headlines aloud introduces the individual’s personal feelings towards the subject. This project would be a video of various students reading headlines aloud, which would then be embedded to our wix site.

Audience: Anyone interested in politically charged art

Modes/Media: Video (camera), some sort of video editing software, wix.com, possibly Youtube

Final Word Count: 148