7: Remix Project Ideas

For my first idea, I was thinking of remixing either a screenplay that I wrote or a short story/play in the public domain into a digital choose your own adventure story. I would create a variety of different places for the story to branch off in different direction. The purpose of this remix would be to show the text I choose in a different light, to explore the different directions it could have gone in if the main character had made different decisions. The audience would most likely be younger people interested in interactive storytelling or fans of the original text if I use something that is not my own. I would need to use images, text, and links in order to craft the different storylines, and a website or program capable of bringing those things together in one place.

My second idea would be to use a story that I wrote and create a playlist or soundtrack of songs that I have found that help to tell the story or reinforce certain aspects, relationships, or themes. I would include a description of why the song fits into the soundtrack or a section from the story itself to accompany each song. The purpose of this remix would be to help tell a story through a different medium (music) in order to supplement the original text. The audience would most likely be people interested in literature and music. In order to do this, I would need a webpage that I can put music and text on.

My last idea would to be use social media (such as Twitter, Tumblr, or a blog) to retell a short story or play in a more modern format. The purpose of this would be to retell a story in a different way and also see how it would change when transported into a modern context. The audience would be younger people who understand the ways social media work and who are familiar with the source material. I would need to either use the social media platform itself or a template that I can work with to resemble the social media.

As of right now, I think I am leaning more towards either idea 1 or 2, because I think they are easier to accomplish. Because I am worried about potential copyright issues in using entire songs for a soundtrack, I wonder if my second idea might not work. I think overall I am leaning the most towards idea 1 because I don’t think I will have any significant issues in creating a remix like that.

Word Count: 427