7: Three Ideas for a Remix

Yet again I had a difficult time deciding what to do for this remix project, but then I entered the Public Domain Review and the possibilities were endless. My first idea includes silent films and e-books. I’ve been studying silent films in my film class and realized that a lot of them must be interpreted by the viewer, so I wanted to create a text that would tell the story without the viewer having to actively interpret what is going on. I would probably use iBooks to write a story for one of the silent films in the public domain.

My second idea is my favorite and the one I will probably end up doing, but then again I am an indecisive person. I found a book in the Public Domain that is basically is a bunch of 20th-century cat memes. I would take these images and come up with my own memes for them, ones that are more relevant for the 21st century. I think my problem will be trying to make these memes interactive for my audience. I think this will be hysterical and will hopefully be able to do it.

My last idea is one that I will not end up doing but would have been interesting to try. I found this video called Humorous Phases of Funny Faces and it includes a person drawing numerous funny faces on a chalkboard. My idea was to recreate this images and then make them into emojis or gifs. The problem is I don’t really have the means to do this because I have no idea how to a) make a gif or b) make an emoji. It would have been funny to use funny faces from 1906 as emojis but I’m just not that tech savvy.