8: The Circulation, Delivery, and Spreadability of Video Games


Since I’ve just hit level six hundred in the popular video “Overwatch” I’m highly inclined to discuss the topic of video games. “Overwatch” is a team based first person shooter game released by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2016 and has won a ton of awards and will be the main example in this article. Usually the delivery of a video game always starts off with a trailer because it’s the initial reactions that can really get a person hooked. Without a good trailer no one will know what the game is about, how it’s played, plot, etc. Then you would post and promote the trailer to the right places. For example Overwatch was first announced at Blizzcon 2014, a convention held by Blizzard Entertainment, the strategy there seemed to be to get people who are already aware of Blizzard’s games and dedicated to the company. Blizzard also made the game available to test out at the con. Which is how most games are promoted however promoting new games usually happens at E3, a video game convention, now this is where  the circulation of the game begins. The people who attended the con begin to spread the word to their friends via social media platforms creating a sort of hype for people who haven’t tested the game and really want to play.


An Overwatch Meme from a youtube video which I will link here

How do games spread well like most things in this day and age they’re made into memes. Games have a tendency to have mistakes whether it be in voice lines or graphics and naturally these errors can cause people to have ideas. You also have the people who love to come up with theories for video games,  these people try to pick apart the video game to truly understand the story. This is especially evident in Overwatch since there is no story mode of the game all the story is given to the players by either  short animations or comics. This leaves so many unanswered questions that people are constantly trying to figure out what so we the audience can know happen in the world of overwatch. You keep your audience wanting more and this will help keep player addicted to the game and they will continued to spread the word about the game. In a constant loop of circulation and Spreading


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