9: Maia


What started as a remix project to turn my poetry into songs became a dream come true. My first collected work of music. An album. Maia.

In Greek mythology, Maia was the daughter of Atlas and the mother of Hermes, the god of travel. Maia is also the name of my car, a symbol of my own travels and the place I recorded much of this album.

In my Advanced Poetry class last year, I wrote a collection of fifty poems, each representing a different US state. In this project, I tried to eradicate my own belief that poetry and lyrics are not the same thing. While there are times where it is evident that my belief is true, I really surprised myself with how well most of the melodies turned out.

Using Garageband, my guitar, my fancy condenser microphone, my car as a recording studio, and a few built-in synthesizers, I created music that I don’t completely hate. It’s nowhere near perfect, but the whole thing has shown me that it’s possible. And the fact that I have prioritized this project over all other things in my life really proves that this is the kind of thing I want to do as a career. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere!

It is uploaded under my music moniker, Louvena the Scout. I have provided the link to the album on Bandcamp. It isn’t very long—it’s about eighteen minutes. But, if you’re low on time and just want a quick sample, my personal favorites are Rapid City, Springville, and Atco.