9: My Remix

The Hypocrisy of Oil

This is for my Digital Publishing class which is why it's wildly different from the videos I usually make. Feel free to share this.

Posted by Spotted Hyena on Friday, March 30, 2018

I remixed the Destination Earth oil ad and several stock videos of nature and urban animals. The Destination Earth ad is an old ad for the oil industry. It advocates competition in business everywhere, not just oil. The stock videos all show scenes of natural beauty. The last few show urban animals. The very last scene shows animals being exploited.

I chose these texts because the genre of text is familiar to me since I have a YouTube channel (which I apologize in advance for – I have one for business and one for fun but I can’t access the business channel for some reason). I also care a lot about the environment and believe we should live more harmoniously with nature. Also, these texts are on a public domain site so I wouldn’t be risking a copyright strike. It’s a different type of video than what I usually make and I enjoyed the challenge. It was especially challenging to make a Facebook version.

The audience for this remix is young environmentalists and people on the fence about being environmentalists, as well as anyone interested in nature. This is why I shared it on YouTube and Facebook, two of the most popular social media sites.

The purpose of this remix is to raise awareness of the potentially harmful effects of industries such as the oil industry on the natural world. It’s a call for action for people to be more harmonious with nature.

This video might circulate through shares and links. YouTube has a Share option on videos which allows the user to share the video on multiple platforms. Its algorithm will also recommend the video to people who have watched related videos. These related videos would most likely be public service announcements, environmental news, and nature documentaries. Facebook’s algorithm is not as conducive to sharing with people outside one’s circle, but people who have liked my YouTube channel’s Facebook page will see it and they might share it.